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 Ideas, Experience and Passion builds a Company!

In 2009 the ideas, experience and passion of local entrepreneurs and the economic development arm of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, the Det’on Cho Corporation created the North’s newest logistics business.

With over a decade under our belts, the initial idea and passion has grown into one of the North’s largest logistics businesses. In 2014 DCL diversified from its traditional logistics roots into becoming the Shell Aviation Fuel agent and the FBO in Yellowknife. In addition, the company also provided ground handling services.

In 2016 the business expanded to the South with the opening of a bonded warehouse and cross dock facility at the Edmonton International Airport.

In 2019 expansion continued with the opening of a freight consolidation warehouse on the west end of Edmonton to complement our 3PL services for clients in the North and around the globe.

In 2020 DCL made the investment to stay current with evolving technology, creating DCL360 and the DCL360 app for android. This real time tracking software integrates an inventory and freight management program on one platform, giving clients the visibility of the full life cycle of their product and freight.

As problems solvers our experienced team finds solutions to the most complex logistics situations, while putting you in the driver’s seat.

Come and enjoy your logistics journey with us here at DCL.

Our Senior Management Team

Matt Mossman

Matt Mossman

President and Co-founder/Partner


As one of the founding partners of Det’on Cho Logistics, I acknowledge that our goals and aspirations for the business continue to evolve, however, our fundamental approach to business has remained the same for over a decade. Our business is about people, passion and service. We want to put you in the driver’s seat. At DCL, we are a family looking out for each other and taking care of our people, all while solving some of the most complex, logistical questions.
Come and be part of our Logistics family…be one of our people!

Stu Impett

Stu Impett

Vice president of FBO and Ground Handling and Co-founder/Partner


As a shareholder and Co-founder of Det’on Cho Logistics in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada I remain focused on a very simple formula, “Customer Service”. Each client needs to have a great experience at our Premier FBO/Shell Aerocentre at CYZF. People remember the little details and we focus on those details. As a longtime resident of the North with Southern exposure I have worked with aircraft types from a Cessna 152 up to an Antonov 124 & Boeing 747 800s.
We look forward to taking care of whatever small or large detail you need to keep you moving.

Rudolph Swanepoel

Rudolph Swanepoel

Vice President of 3PL services and Co-owner


Passion, Teamwork, Excellence and Integrity are the cornerstones of Rudolph’s business philosophy to deliver lasting benefits to shareholders, customers and the community where we work. With over 20 years experience in global mining and exploration, Rudolph aims to bringing People, Technology, and repeatable business processes together to continuously improve DCL’s value to our customers.

Let us work together to solve your complex logistical challenges.

Ideas, Experience and passion builds a Company!

Supply Chain Management

Whether It’s long lead, or rush items our team is with you from the time an order is created, or a purchase order is cut until the items are delivered. At DCL We leverage our network and buying power to move your goods as quickly and cost effectively as possible while giving you full visibility within our robust freight and inventory management system. As an added feature we have added a customizable report writer, which allows us to provide you customizable reports on your goods life cycle.

  • Outstanding and fulfilled Purchase orders
  • Outstanding and fulfilled line items
  • Detailed inventory of items per box and or per pallet
  • On hand and inventory reports
  • Order fulfillment
  • Back Orders
  • Overages, shortages and Non-Conformance
  • Freight Services
  • Shipments in transit
  • Consolidated shipments
  • Shipment or total spend by mode and by lane

Our team of specialist work with you tailor our services offering to fit your needs. Let us keep you Moving!