Det’on Cho Logistics Shell

Experience Yellowknife’s leading executive FBO facility. As a distributor of Shell Aviation products, Det’on Cho Logistics Shell offer 24/7 quality service for a wide range of aircraft, providing the best in safety and experience. We also specialize in the loading and offloading of Cargo and/or Passenger flights. We can and have accommodated aircraft sizes from a Cessna 185 to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A330.

Aircraft Ground Services

We provide on-the-ground services designed to suit your needs and fully equip your aircraft to the highest standards.
DCL Shell offers aircraft ground support such as:

Air start unit

Baggage carts and belt loader


Potable water

Boarding Lounge

Flight Planning computer and phone

Customs Clearances for International Flights

Truck-mounted airstairs

Cargo-handling forklift

Lavatory service

Oxygen Service

Conference Room

Secure Ramp Parking and Hanger Space

Aircraft Grooming and Lavatory Services

Portable heat cart

28 volt and 90 KVA GPUs

Oxygen and nitrogen

After Hours Call-Outs Available

Aircraft Deicing

AvGas 100LL and Jet A-1 (FSII Available)

We can also make arrangements for:



Car Rentals and Taxis

Groundside vehicle parking:

Right hand side of hangar (closest to main terminal) in the main parking lot.

Hanger Size:

Approx 141ft x 164 ft = 22,960 sq ft Height 64 ft

Ramp Size:

Approx: 250 ft x 750 ft = 187,500 sq ft

Cold Weather Testing

At Det’on Cho Logistics we have the experience and resources to put your cold weather testing program together. Our organization has been supporting cold weather testing operations in Yellowknife for a decade. Our team of Logistical professionals will be with you every step of the way to ensure everything from pre to post operational needs are met and taken care of.

At Det’on Logistics we pride ourselves on being Yellowknife’s premier one stop logistics Solution. We can provide answers to any questions you have as to why you should choose Yellowknife as Cold your weather testing destination.

Our resume speaks for itself when it comes to cold weather testing operations at the Yellowknife airport. You tell us what you need, and we will provide options on how we will get it done for you. We are flexible, adaptable and focused on customer service. We want to help you make Yellowknife the home of your next cold weather testing operation!

Fuel Services

We have been in the 25 years of fuelling experience & We pump over 30 million litres of Shell Aviation fuel annually, at competitive prices, using high-quality Jet A fuel and Avgas.

Fuel Quality

We are committed to the highest possible standards of quality, using clean, dry, uncontaminated fuel for your aircraft in accordance with the Shall SOAM Standards. We provide full-service aircraft fuelling that includes:

Fuelling for all size aircraft

Shell contract fuel

AvGas 100LL and Jet A-1 (FSII Available)

Quick turns

Our Fleet

Each Shell Aviation fuel truck can hold 20,000 litres to efficiently fuel any aircraft. The fleet is maintained by experienced staff who are trained to Shell Canada standards. Our line technicians are trained to safely and efficiently provide Shell quality fuel.
We adhere to strict Shell standards.

ACE Training

Every staff member has completed the, Shell certified, Aviation Competence & Education (ACE) training; a structured training system to ensure operational integrity in aviation fuelling. The ACE training system ensures employees have a working knowledge of all aspects of aircraft fuelling. This system provides education in operator skills, checking for fuel contamination, ramp safety measures, and more. Regarded as the best training system across the industry, you can fly easy knowing our staff understand the requirements to provide the best fuelling experience possible.

Shell Aerocentre Contact Info:

Fuelling: 867-669-2180 ext 1


Unicom: 128.95

24hr Manager Cell: 867-446-2224