Det'on Cho Logistics acts quickly in Haiti relief effort

YELLOWKNIFE, Jan. 27, 2010 -One of the North’s newest logistics organizations was called into action in support of Haiti earthquake relief efforts.
Deton’Cho Logistics jumped into action after a call seeking help to move two helicopters from Calgary to Haiti in support of the relief effort.
“We were actually in the airport in Vancouver when the call came,” said Matt Mossman, who, along with partner Stu Impett, was on his way to a trade show. “Within hours we had arranged to have the two helicopters picked up by a Hercules aircraft that was en route to the Dominican Republic, which was the staging area for relief flights.”
In many ways, time was the key factor leading to success. “We were able to put the entire trip together very quickly,” notes Mossman, adding that having a network of suppliers (in this case Lynden Air Cargo of Anchorage, which owns the Hercules) is one of the key strengths of Deton’Cho Logistics.
“This is what we do best,” adds Mossman. “We get it done, tapping into the networks we’ve developed, not only here in the North but across Canada and even around the world.” Today the helicopters are already busy assisting in the United Nations’ relief efforts, notes Impett.
“We’re very pleased that we were able to play a role in making this happen so quickly,” says Impett, who along with Mossman was instrumental in the creation of Deton’Cho Logistics last fall. The company is part of Deton’Cho Corporation, which is owned by the Yellowknives Dene First Nation.
Deton’Cho Logistics, a division of Deton’Cho Corporation, offers a wide range of expediting services, including air charter, project management, trucking, travel coordination, and camp and construction services. The company provides one point of contact for all logistical and expediting needs.
For further information, contact:

Matt Mossman, Deton’Cho Logistics,
(867) 873-6970