Mining new opportunities

De Beers Canada

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Det’on Cho Corporation held its first Prosperity Awards ceremony to recognize those companies that have helped the Det’on Cho family of companies build itself into the success that it is today. One of those companies was Det’on Cho Logistics’ first client: De Beers Canada.

De Beers Canada and the Yellowknives Dene First Nation signed an Impact and Benefits Agreement in 2005. Ever since, De Beers and Det’on Cho have worked together to help each other reach their goals.

For De Beers, that means having quality support for their operations at Snap Lake – the only kind of support that Det’on Cho companies like Bouwa Whee Catering and Det’on Cho Logistics know how to provide. For Det’on Cho Corporation, it means having a partner willing to help them to develop their business.

“Bouwa Whee was still a relatively young company when it was awarded the catering and camp services contract for Snap Lake,” says Roy Erasmus, Det’on Cho’s CEO. “And Det’on Cho Logistics was a brand new company. But De Beers saw the vision and passion our companies bring to their work, and they were willing to take a chance. We’ve not disappointed them.”

“The contracts for work at Snap Lake were a turning point in the success of those companies,” adds Erasmus. “Both companies are important to the success of Det’on Cho Corporation.”