Det’on Cho Logistics: doing more, safely

Det’on Cho Logistics has had a summer full of great news. Not only has it taken on more business, but it’s been recognized as a national leader in safety.

More business with De Beers

Since August, Det’on Cho Logistics has been responsible for all passengers and freight going into and out of De Beers’ Snap Lake Mine by air.

“We previously handled the freight and passenger check-ins, but now we’ve taken on more,” says Stu Impett, vice president of operations. “We’re now responsible for things like contracting the right-sized aircraft, managing the passengers and getting the plane to the right gate.”

“Basically, we handle almost everything but flying the plane.”

Impett is proud of his company’s expanded role. “It’s a great chance to take on more responsibility and to show that we can do the job safely and efficiently, and add real value to our clients’ projects.”

A national safety leader

Safety has always been a top concern for Det’on Cho Logistics. It’s the sort of statement that’s easy to make, but harder to prove. So when the company was recognized as one of the safest in the country by one of its clients, it confirmed that Det’on Cho Logistics can back up the claim with results.

Det’on Cho Logistics operates the Shell bulk fuel plant at the Yellowknife airport. Over the summer, Shell Canada recognized the company for having the second best safety record in the country among Shell airport plant operators.

The award was based on “near misses,” or potential problems that were reported and dealt with before they became real issues.

“Getting recognized by Shell is big for us,” says Impett. “Ever since we started this company, safety has been really important to us. When one of the biggest oil companies in the world says that our safety record is one of the best, that proves what we’ve believed all along: that we know how to do this business well.”

According to plan

The company may not have foreseen a safety award, but everything is going according to plan for Det’on Cho Logistics. Top-notch safety practices and slow, steady growth are exactly how it wants to do business.

“Bit by bit, we keep taking on a little more and proving that we can make our clients’ projects even more efficient,” says Impett. “We got some great news over the past few months, but it’s because we’ve been doing our job exactly how we want to.”