Supply Chain Management

Optimizing your supply chain has never been more critical or complex. Put our team of experts to work for you, whether it’s to manage long lead, re-supply or rush items. At DCL we leverage our networks, experience, your goods as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our state-of-the-art freight and inventory software has up to the minute information on inventory, order fulfillment along with the location of items that have been shipped and delivered. As an added feature we have added a customizable report writer, which allows us to provide reports on your goods performance and life cycle based on your needs.

Outstanding and fulfilled purchase orders

Detailed inventory of items per box and/or per pallet

On hand and inventory reports

Order fulfilment

Back order tracking


Overages, Shortages and Non-Conformance

Multi-model freight services

Consolidated services

Customizable reports

Our team of specialists work with you to tailor our services offering to fit your needs. Let us keep you moving!


With warehouse locations in Edmonton and Yellowknife we can facilitate all of your warehousing requirements. 

Receiving, Handling and Short-term storage

Inventory and Product Storage

Sorting and Labeling

Picking and Packing

Order Fulfillment

Inventory Control

Cargo Handling

(Edmonton International Airport location)

Bonded warehouse

Cross Docking

Dangerous Goods Documentation

Export Handling

Import Handling

Customs Documentation Assistance

Airline transfers

Physical screening

Imports Deconsolidation

Project Logistics

One of the key components to any project is the transportation and supply of goods and people. DCL’s team of professionals will work with you to develop and execute a logistics plan for your project. We have been involved with major scientific projects in the high north, Cold weather testing remediation and reclamation projects, mining exploration programs, mining and construction projects as well as major re-supply programs.

Planning and Budgeting

Freight Expediting Services

Air Cargo Services

Cargo Air Charter

Load Planning and Preparation


LTL and FTL Trucking Services

Courier Services

Passenger Air Charter

Loading and Unloading

Procurement of Goods and Transportation Services

Consolidation Services

Hot Shot Services


Customs Brokerage

Aviation Logistics

At DCL we provide a suite of services that cater to clients that require a single aircraft charter or a program for the movement of goods and people in the north or around the globe. Two of the principles of DCL have an extensive airline and aviation background, which provides our team access to the experience and knowledge that we put to work for all of our clients.

Budgeting and Planning

Passenger Handling and Check-In


Scheduling and Booking

Load Planning and Preparation


Aircraft Brokerage

Loading and Unloading

Integrated Supply Chain Services